Welcome to the Finance Committee

In accordance with the CERN Convention, the CERN Council set up a Finance Committee, comprising delegates representing the Governments of the twenty-three CERN Member States, as a subordinate body to advise it on the execution and co-ordination of the different programmes of the Organization.
The Finance Committee meets four times a year, to address budgetary, procedural, personnel and commercial matters.
In accordance with the recently adopted new CERN Governance principles, the Finance Committee in June each year discusses and recommends the Council to approve of the Annual Accounts of the preceding year, as well as the Medium-Term Plan, which includes the Budget for the following year. In the second half of the year, the Finance Committee advises the Council on the cost-variation index and the scale of contributions.
The implementation of new accounting standards and the consequent changes to the Budget presentation required a revision of the CERN Financial Rules. The amended Financial Rules were approved by the Council in June 2017.
For personnel issues, Finance Committee relies on the advice of TREF, the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum, where the Staff Association, the Management and the Member States discuss proposals and measures relating to the Organization’s social and employment conditions.
The Finance Committee adjudicates procurement and service contracts. A Working Group is about to complete a "Review of Purchasing Policy and Procedures" with aim of producing rules and regulations that are practical and enforceable and that will benefit the Organization and all the Member States.
I hope that these pages will provide you with the information that you are seeking.

Chair of the CERN Finance Committee