Paris 1951: The birth of CERN by François de Rose
(Nature/Vol 455/11 September 2008)

Presidents and vice-Presidents of Council

Council Photos:

1st Council Session, 1955

Right to left : Chr. Schmelzer, J. B. Adams, X, C.J. Bakker, L. Kowarski, P. Preiswerk.
The meeting took place in the old "Batiment electoral" in Geneva.

President's handover, G.Funke - E. Amaldi, December 1969

25th CERN Anniversary - Jean Teillac, June 1979


25th CERN Anniversary - Exhibition Hall, October 1979

Frank Beck (left), Jan Bannier (right, background)


President's handover, H. Eschelbacher-M. Bourquin, December 2000


CERN 50th Anniversary - E. Iarocci, October 2004


President's handover, E. Iarocci-T. Akesson, December 2006


President's handover, T. Akesson-M. Spiro, December 2009


President's handover, M. Spiro-A. Zalewska, December 2012


CERN 60th Anniversary - A. Zalewska, September 2014

President's handover, A. Zalewska - S. de Jong, December 2015




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