CERN Audit Committee


In accordance with the powers conferred to it by the Convention, the CERN Council has set up the Audit Committee, to provide independent, objective advice and guidance on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Organization’s arrangements in the following areas:

a) Governance structure;
b) Risk management;
c) Values and ethics;
d) Internal control framework;
e) Oversight of internal and external audit.


The Committee comprises two Council delegates, including the Chair and four external expert members with in-depth experience in audit matters. The President of the Council and the Chair of the Finance Committee attend the meetings of the Audit Committee in an ex-officio capacity.


The Audit Committee meets at least four times a year, normally in advance of the meetings of the Finance Committee and the Council. Through its analysis of audit reports and its interactions with the External Auditors, the CERN Internal Audit service and the Pension Fund specialised auditor, supplemented by regular interactions with the management representatives of CERN and the Pension Fund, the Committee is in a position to provide assurance to the Council on the adequacy of the audit arrangements within the Organization.  


The Audit Committee Chair reports to the Council at every Session on the progress of the Committee’s work.

Professor Jochen Schieck