In 1994, the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum was established to study aspects of CERN remuneration and employment conditions.

TREF is a subordinate body established by the Council. It is a tripartite forum comprising representatives of the Member States, the Management and the Staff Association. It discusses the general working conditions at CERN, diversity and inclusion, and the Organization's annual personnel statistics. It advises the Council, normally through the Finance Committee, on, inter alia, aspects of CERN remuneration and employment conditions, including associated modification to the Staff Rules and Regulations. 

TREF's general remit, detailed responsibilities, composition and working procedures are outlined in the Terms of Reference, which were approved by the Council at its 211th session on 23 March 2023 and entered into force on 1 April 2023. TREF hold ordinary meeting twice per year. except in year during which the five-yearly general review of the financial and social conditions is under way, when it meets more often. The TREF Chair reports to the Finance Committee at each meeting where a proposal that has been discussed at TREF is submitted for feedback or decision. The TREF Chair also presents an annual TREF activity report to the Council. 

Indico Documents

A number of reference documents on key subjects discussed at TREF are available to the members at the link below.

TREF reference documents

I strongly encourage as many Member States as possible to send representatives to TREF's meeting, which play a valuable role in giving the Member States, the Management and the Staff Association an opportunity to express their views and thereby facilitate smooth decision taking by the Finance Committee and the Council.

Chair of the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum