In 1994, the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum was established to study aspects of CERN remuneration and employment conditions.

The purpose of the Forum is to “oversee the collection of information and to stimulate communication and discussion between representatives of the Member States, the CERN Management and the CERN Staff Association” with subjects for discussion raised by the Management.

The mandate, membership and composition and working procedures are outlined in the document RTG/8, dated 20 May 1994.

TREF usually meets three times per year and the Chairman shall address progress reports to Council, normally through the Finance Committee.

Indico Documents

Members of TREF are invited to consult, via the link below, a number of reference documents on some key subjects discussed at this Forum.

TREF reference documents

I strongly encourage as many Member States as possible to attend the meetings of TREF which play a valuable role in giving the Member States, the Management and the Staff Association the opportunity to express their views in order to permit, after in-depth discussions, smooth decision-taking by the Finance Committee and Council.

Chair of the Tripartite Employment Conditions Forum