Standing Advisory Commitee on Audits


In accordance with the CERN Convention, the CERN Council has set up the Standing Advisory Committee on Audits, SACA, as a subordinate body to assist and advise the Council on the effectiveness of the Organization’s audit structure, including that of its Pension Fund, and on appropriate measures to mitigate risks identified.

The Committee is chaired by the Chair of the Finance Committee and comprises one delegate to the CERN Council and three professional members with in-depth experience in audit matters, .i.e. governance, risk management and control. The President of Council attends the meetings of the SACA in an ex-officio capacity.

SACA normally meets four times a year, in advance of the meetings of the Finance Committee and Council. Through its review and analysis of audit reports and its interactions with the External Auditors as well as the CERN Internal Audit and the Pension Fund Internal Audit, completed by interactions with the CERN and Pension Fund Management, the Committee advises Council on an appropriate response to audit reports and on any measure to be taken to ensure the effectiveness of the audit structure.

The SACA Chair reports on the outcome of SACA’s work at each session of the Finance Committee and Council, and SACA undertakes to provide focused responses to any questions submitted by Council on appropriate measures to mitigate identified risks faced by the Organization.

Chair of the Standing Advisory Committee on Audits and of the Finance Committee

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